blind spots is presented by:

Kongsi Netherlands

Kongsi is a Dutch artists’ collective that was established in 2001 by a group of young art students. Autonomy, independence and the talent for improvisation form the motivation to transform unused spaces such as empty factory buildings and old condemned buildings into alluring exhibitions. This enables Kongsi to create opportunities for young artists to exhibit their work in unique and unconventional locations.

Kongsi Berlin

Kongsi Berlin is an international artists’ collective that was established in 2007. Today, the open-minded attitude that developed during their student years in the Netherlands is expressed in this up-and-coming, dynamic collective. Kongsi Berlin strives to be a platform for ambitious young artists who can realise their ideas through collaboration and knowing how to take initiative.
Kongsi Berlin is now known as White Elephant Collective e.V..


blind spots - the concept

Thanks to scala e.V. we are able to use this place as our first blind spot which is situated in Friedrichstrasse 111, Berlin-Mitte

Because of Berlin’s history, there is an astonishingly huge number of empty spots in the middle of the city which more or less go unused. Kongsi has a great deal of experience organising exhibitions in run-down condemned buildings and old factories, but this time the challenge was the open air. The exhibition takes place in a prominent but exposed part of Berlin’s city centre. The location is close to where most of the galleries are, but the artists had to keep in mind that their work could very well be vandalised, stolen or get rained on outside, which meant they had to put in a bit of extra effort.